Advice for Moving With Children

UK’s largest family owned removals company shares its knowledge to those looking to start a new life overseas

Relocating overseas continues to be an attractive option for UK families. Tax rises, increased tuition fees, and a general disgruntled feeling surrounding the economy means the UK public still look to start a new life in sunnier climes.

However, moving home is widely recognised as one of life’s most stressful experiences; but throw children into the mix and you could potentially have a whole new set of logistical issues. The planning and preparation that is required can seem daunting and is frequently put off until the last minute. It does not matter whether a family is moving to France or New Zealand, the feelings of stress, panic and worry are never far away.

At what is often a stressful time for everyone, it’s important to remember that children will need some special attention in order to get through the general upheaval and if you are choosing to move during the Christmas holidays the youngest members of the family will need to be kept occupied and out of harm’s way.

Grant Bishop, Bishop’s Move International Director, comments: “It is important to make the whole moving house experience a positive one; if you feel stressed your children will pick up on your mood and start to react negatively. Try to make the whole process fun and involve everyone wherever possible.”

However, we have some simple but effective advice to help those relocating with children to any part of the world enjoy a calm and stress-free move:

  • Keep them informed – You may be tempted to hold off telling the kids about any potential move until the time arrives to start packing, but children need time to get used to the idea of moving house so don’t leave it too long before letting them know and when you do, highlight all the positives
  • Involve them – Go through what will happen on moving day itself, be ready to answer all their questions and get them packing. Give them a box and let them take charge of packing up all their toys. Not only will this be one less job for you to worry about, it will also mean they will know where they put their things when it comes to unpacking in their new home.
  • Say goodbye – Encourage children to make a scrapbook of their old home, with pictures of friends and favourite memories.
  • Let them choose the décor – One of the easiest ways of getting the kids comfortable in their new bedroom is to get them involved in how it will look. Let them choose the colour, features and furniture for the room.
  • Keep them occupied – Make sure the kids have something to do on moving day. Being surrounded by boxes and not able to play with their favourite toys will only increase the stress levels for everyone. Sign them up for a holiday club or have a trusted friend look after them while you are organising and packing for your move.
  • Prioritise – Ask the removals company to put your children’s toy boxes on last, then they will be first off the van.
  • Pack those essentials – As well as knowing which box the kettle and tea bags are in with very young children it’s also a good idea to make up an essential’s box for them too. Include things like nappies, a change of clothes, toys, comforters, blankets and favourite pyjamas.

Grant Bishop continues: “Moving is an exciting time, but it’s important to take the time out to ensure every member of the family is sharing in that excitement. By following these steps, parents and, more importantly, their children can start life in their new home in a happy frame of mind after a successful and stress-free move abroad.”

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