How to Advertise your Company Worldwide in Minutes!
Please proceed if your company is affiliated to the world-wide property industry

Step by step and easy to follow

To add your Professional Services Advertisement

• Create your own unique Username & Password by clicking on the Register link in the top right of the home page and entering your details. You only need to do this once to access all public website functions and pages. Once you have registered or:
• If you have already Registered go to:
• Login using the Login link at the top right of the Home page with your username and p/w
• Click the Professional Services link on the left of the Home Page
• Scroll down the page, select your Tariff5 option & click the orange Buy button
• Pay for your tariff by Credit or Debit card using the PayPal or Worldpay secure payment gateway (You do not need to have a PayPal account)

• Click on the ‘Add Professional Advert’ tab to access the information template.
• Enter your details and company information and any comment you wish to add
• Click Upload to select your Advertisement image
• Click Country to select your Country location
• Click Region to select your Region location
• Check the Active on Site box if you wish your advertisement to go live online immediately
• Click Save to publish your Advertisement on the website. You can also use the Save button to save and return to your details at any time.
• Your advertisement will appear online immediately
• Your company details will also appear in our Professional Services Directory

Fair Usage Policy- User names, passwords and privileges may only be used to advertise professional services provided by your company portfolio and/or website. Privileges are non transferrable and may only be used by your company employees for the purposes of advertising company services. User names, passwords and privileges may not be used to advertise services provided by third parties or for private advertisements outside of your company portfolio or website listings.
Abuse of user privileges may result in the account being closed without refund of fees and any connection charges.